Golf Cars and Distracted Driving

Golf Cars and Distracted Driving1 Much has been expressed in the media in recent years about texting and use of cell phones while driving. Traffic accidents and resultant injuries and even death are attributed to the combination of texting or use of cell phones and driving. According
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Golf Cars as Other Powered Mobility Devices (“OPMDs”)

Golf Cars as Other Powered Mobility Devices (“OPMDs”)1 Early in 2017, the City Council of Yorkville, Illinois, ruled a disabled person could not use a golf cart to drive on city roadways, such as parkways and alleyways, as well as sidewalks. Subsequently, the disabled person filed a f
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Golf Car Insurance – Is it to die for?

Golf Car Insurance – Is it to die for?1 Recently, in Thomasville, Georgia, an 8-year-old boy died as the result of being run over by a golf car operated by an 11-year-old. The golf car was occupied by three other small kids. The police report indicates a belief the kids were playing a
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How not to write a golf car ordinance

How not to write a golf car ordinance1 In reviewing dozens of local ordinances annually, we observe some localities take the lazy way out and merely adapt another nearby locality’s ordinance’s language for their use.  This method of legislative drafting ignores best practices and prin
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Voluntary Standards versus Government Regulation: Which of the two is more useful for purposes of promoting safety, assuming there are differences?

[schema type=”organization” orgtype=”Corporation” url=”” name=”International Light Transportation Vehicle Association, Inc.®” description=”Voluntary Standards versus Government Regulation: Which of the two is more usef
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Golf Car, Personal Transportation Vehicle And Slow Moving Vehicle Ordinances in 2014

This is a survey and discussion undertaken after reviewing 35 local municipal and county ordinances authorizing the use of golf cars and personal transportation vehicles[1] on public streets adopted within the last 6 months of 2014. This survey supplements the 2013 Compendium on State
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Senior Citizens and Golf Cars: Some Observations

Many localities are moving towards accommodating bicycles on public streets. Often this movement is given momentum by bicycle lobbying groups. Bicycles are a great recreational and health promoting activity for the young at heart and body. Many senior citizens find bicycles awkward to
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How to Operate Golf Cars on Public Property: 400 ways and Growing

I enjoy brisk walking most every day for exercise. My cardiologist recommends it. I never was a bicyclist enthusiast and besides at my age balancing on a bike is tricky and being an older male, bicycle seats are problematic. However, getting around town today for errands exceeding my
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